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Here we answer the most common questions asked about SAVOT Watches.


Why should I buy a SAVOT watch?

Our first and foremost objective is to produce watches which fit your style and make you feel happy. To fulfill this objective, we combine latest minimalist Finnish design with bold colors found on our surroundings. This design approach combined with high quality materials make SAVOT watches unique accessories that accentuate different styles, and most importantly, make your day a little better.

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What kind of company are you?

We are a family-owned design orientented company from Finland. If you wish to know more about SAVOT as a brand, be sure to check out Our Story.


Why are your products so affordable?

We want to make sure that as many persons as possible can own a SAVOT watch. That is why we utilize outsourced production, efficient processes and moderate markup to make sure our products are always affordable to majority of people.


Do you use professional photographers?

For the most part, no. We usually co-operate with part-time and aspiring photographers. We do this because we want to do our part in helping people realize their dreams. We offer valuable experience to people who might otherwise struggle to breakthrough.


Why does the product price in our currency change so often?

We price our products in Euros. As people usually want to see the price in their own currency, we use an app to display the prices in different currencies. We want to make sure that there are no nasty surprises, so we selected an app which converts the price using daily exchange rate. That way, you will always see the real price of our products in your own currency.


What payment methods do you offer?

For international orders we offer Paypal and credit card as payment methods. SAVOT Watches and SAVOT Official Store never store your credit card information. Our credit card payments are handled by Checkout Finland


Do you have a question for us? Email it to us to or look us up on social media with the handle @savotofficial.