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The SAVOT Adventurer

The third installment in our product design series is all about the SAVOT Adventurer. The target in Adventurer’s design process was to create a simple and masculine watch. The main influence for the design process was James Bond and similar characters. Men who go where ever they want, do what ever they want and look good doing it.

Usually, I start designing a watch from the case. However, now the first detail I decided was that the Adventurer should be completely made out of stainless steel. It was an easy decision. Stainless steel is a simple material, which lasts long. It is a strong, masculine material and looks good at the same time. Best of all, steel as a material relates to our home region as the small town of Imatra has been home to a steel factory for the last century.

Then came the size. As a men’s watch, I knew that the Adventurer could and should be quite large. The target audience for the watch are men who work hard to provide for their families. This also meant that the target wrists are part of strong arms and thus quite large. Based on these principals, I decided to make the case 45 mm by diameter and 12 mm by height. This way, the Adventurer is a large and masculine watch, but does not go over the top.

When designing the numerals, I made a break from other SAVOT models and chose 12 numerals. As the Adventurer’s dial is fairly large, it had room for full set of 12 numerals. As I knew the Adventurer’s target group values practicality, I knew that they would appreciate 12 numerals more than 4. This is also the reason for the small second display. This way the Adventurer’s dial is easy to read and manages to stay clean looking even with full 12 numerals. Roman numerals where again an easy choice, and by this point, they were finalized as part of SAVOT’s design principals.

For the hands, I first considered white hands to match the numerals. But as the drawings looked off with white, I changed the hand color to steel. This made the hands a better match to the watch overall, and the Adventurer looked more balanced. I chose blunt looking hands, as they looked rugged and masculine. As simple yet good looking hands they also fit the models’ overall idea perfectly.

Then I needed to decide the color options for the dial and the rotatable bezel. I wanted colors which would be masculine and stylish, and resemble our roots in Southern Karelia. The colors turned out to be quite easy to choose. The always stylish black and the passionate red came from our emblem. The understated blue came from lake Saimaa, which is important to a lot of men in our region. Final option was green, which resembles the vast forests and the forest industry which has provided a living to thousand of men and their families.

And the end result was SAVOT Adventurer.

SAVOT Adventurer red men's stainless steel watch with 10ATM water resistance

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