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SAVOT's Idea

We receive a lot of questions about what is the idea behind SAVOT Watches, and what are our leading design principles. I think a blog post is the best way to answer these questions.

The idea behind SAVOT Watches was born out of desire to combine both understated minimalism and bold colors together. As a Finnish company, minimalism comes naturally to us. Nordic design traditions have soaked us in the idea that a product should be stripped out of everything unnecessary. If a feature does not bring true value to the product’s user, it should be taken away.

Yet we wanted to break from mainline minimalism in our use of colors and avoidance of white color. As we wanted our products to reflect our roots in Karelia and Eastern Finland, we drew inspiration from our surroundings. The beautiful blue lake Saimaa, the majestic green forests and the black and red from South Karelia’s emblem were big influences in our design process.

These two ideas we combined into one, and so the story of SAVOT Watches began. We managed to create timepieces, which are elegantly minimalist and yet boldly colorful. By utilizing latest business processes, we managed to keep our watches affordable to the average consumer. This was important to us, as it reflects our roots in egalitarian and understated Finnish culture.

We hope you will become a part of the SAVOT family. #mysavot

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