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Designing the SAVOT Urban

The SAVOT Urban was the first model I designed when I set out to create a watch. The basic idea was simple: I wanted to create a minimalist and stylish watch, with bold colors. For numerals, it was clear from the start that I wanted the watch to feature roman numerals. They look sophisticated, and help the watch stand out.

The next step was to decide the shape and size of the watch case. At this point, I decided that the Urban should be a unisex model. This reflects our roots in the egalitarian Finnish culture. Based on this, I ended up with a round 40mm case. For lugs, I chose thin straight ones so that the overall look would stay sleek. To top the case’s details, I chose a round crown. The crown is slightly larger on the top side so that it is easier to pull and adjust the time.

Then came the numerals. On first drawings, there were full 12 numerals. That however made the dial look too crowded. I cut down the number of numerals to just 4. This made the dial look more balanced and cleaner. Another option was to use line markers instead of numerals. The line markers however had the same effect as full set of 12 numerals: the dial looked too crowded. As such, I finalized the design with 4 numerals.

The hands were a surprisingly tricky part. Being a major detail on the overall look of the watch, I knew I had to choose their look carefully. First, I experimented both with alpha and lance type hands. But they just did not feel right. I knew something about was off. Then I had a breakthrough: Dauphine hands. As soon as I placed them on design sketches, I knew that they were just the right choice for Urban. They looked sleek and elegant, and made the watch look balanced.

Genuine leather was an easy choice for the strap. It fits the overall style of the watch well and makes the watches lifecycle longer as a worn down strap can be changed easily. For the Powder Blue dial version I chose a rose gold mesh strap. I did this to provide another look option for the watch, and because it was challenging to find a leather strap with a color that would match the watch and not look cheap.

And that is how the SAVOT Urban was born.

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