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Designing the SAVOT Lady

Second model I designed for SAVOT was the Lady. When I set out to create the Lady, I had a pretty clear image in my head that I wanted to create a unique women’s watch. As I had seen mainly round watches being worn, I decided to go for a rectangular look.

As I knew majority of women prefer smaller sized watches, I decided to go with a rectangular case instead of a square case. This way the watch can be made a bit more petite. The rectangular shape also looks sleeker and more modern than a square shape would.

Then came the question about size. As I wanted to design the Lady to be petite and feminine, the watch’s case needed to be on the smaller side. After researching average women’s wrist sizes, I ended with a case that was 20 mm wide and 30 mm high. To make sure the watch would not look bulky, I decided to make the case 6 mm thick on it’s thickest part. Strap width was a fairly easy decision. Right after looking at the case design, I knew that a 12 mm wide strap would fit the watch perfectly.

When choosing the numerals, I knew instantly that the best choice would be to make the same choice as with the Urban: 4 roman numerals. I think the 4 numeral choice was even a bit better for the Lady than it was for the Urban. The Lady’s dial is quite small, so full 12 numerals would have been extremely difficult to read. For the same reason I chose not to include a date display. The date display would have made the dial cluttered, and based on our minimal approach, it was thus an element to remove.

Then was the time to decide the style of hands. The choice was surprisingly easy. Sword hands fitted the design perfectly. They looked stylish and sleek, and fitted perfectly to the overall look of the watch. As the hands had to be quite short to fit the Lady, it was important that the hands were easy to scale down on size. Being fairly simple, the sword hands look good even when they are on the shorter side.

We have made a decision to avoid white color completely in SAVOT watches. This is based on the fact that we want our watches to reflect all the colors in our surrounding, such as blue in the lakes and green in the forests. For the Lady, I had to choose one light color scheme because we knew that a lot of women like light colored watch. I chose a light grey color for the dial and strap, paired with a rose gold case, hands and numerals. The light grey reminded me of the outside skating rink ice from my childhood. This way, I could both avoid using pure white and still provide a light color option.

I truly hope that I managed to create a pretty women’s watch, that can make a lot of women happy.

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